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Brian Waters

Brian J. Waters has been a fixture in the LA music scene since moving there from Miami, FL in 1988. His first gig was at Bleecker Bob’s Records LA, where he spent the better part of a decade specializing in buying and selling vintage vinyl. In the early 90s, Waters joined fellow Miami transplants in the magnetic punk rock band “Coma-tones,” and then went on to form his own soul-inspired, high energy rock-n-roll combos “The Countdowns” and “The Flash Express,” where the LA Weekly called him “a hopped-up locomotive, screaming into his Telecaster pickups, luring women in the audience and shaking his God-given white ass.” (Oh Good Lord!!!)

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Bobby May Burger

Raised in the Orange County, I got into the vibrant music scene as a young teenager. DIY shows and playing in bands only drove me deeper into the music world. I eventually toured North America and Europe, playing with various bands, and still gigging today. Out of high school I landed a job at Burger Records, then just opening. I have been there 8 years now and am a full-time record buyer/pricer. My love of different music spans far and wide, though when I DJ, I usually stick to my Rock N Roll heart! I spin a lot of Glam/Bubblegummy stuff, Girlgroup goodness, Punky/New Wave stuff, 60s/70s/80s Top 40 Rock/Pop, early golden era Country, Psych, Surf, classic R&B/Soul, and whatever I may be really into at the moment! I tend to bring more than I'll need, so I can work into what the audience is feeling!

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Alex Oxley - Smooth Sailing

Partners in music and love, they combined their record collections seven years ago and created a project that merged their love for what they call ‘Romantic Techno’ and ‘Sunset Disco.’ Part roller-disco and part boat party with a little sprinkling of twinkly techno, house and re-edits. The Smooth Sailing musical policy? Would this sound good on a boat at sunset?

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Jessica Espeleta hosts Party Chambers on Monday nights at the Melody Lounge in Chinatown, which has recently featured such DJs and performers as Ariel Pink, Sean Nicholas Savage, Kirin J. Callinan, Puro Instinct, Tara Jane O'Neil and Telepathe. She has jocked the discs at clubs all over L.A., and played guitar & bass in Love As Laughter, Weird War, the Chameleons and many others.


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